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more tractor parts

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Sparex Ltd is a world leader in the supply of Tractor Replacement Parts and Accessories for agricultural tractors and machinery.

Our extensive range covers parts for all major tractor brands including – David Brown, Deutz, Fendt, Fiat, Ford (CNH – Case New Holland), IH (International Harvester), John Deere, Leyland Marshall, Massey Ferguson (with its Perkins engines), Zetor as well as a range of various ‘Compact’ tractors.

Sparex also stocks an extensive range of parts for Vintage Tractors such as the TE20 tractor and Fordson tractor, to service the market demand from ‘hobby’ restorers.

Our Accessories line covers a diverse range of parts that a farmer, mechanic or repair shop would need including rotating beacons, hand tools, trailer parts, hydraulic hoses and fittings, PTO parts (Power Take Off), replacement tractor seats, nuts and bolts of almost every size and description and many, many more.

Our ‘All Seasons’ range offers earth moving parts – Tines, Rotavator Blades, Cultivator parts, Cutter Bars and Knives, Seed Drill parts, Mower Blades, Foraging Blades and Shear parts as well as Plough parts i.e. Mouldboards, Discs, Reversible Points etc.

We have our own U.K. based manufacturing company, who manufacture high quality products for the OE and aftermarket. The range includes PTO shafts, Hydraulic Pump parts, Valves, Front Axles (Spindles), Top Links and Levelling Boxes

Allis Chalmers Ford Ferguson Parts also Supplied for:
Allis Chalmers B Ford 2N Ferguson T20 TEA Allis Chalmers WC, WF
David Brown Ford 8N Ferguson T20 TED Fordson F
DB Cropmaster Ford 9N Ferguson T20 TEF International B250, B275
DB 25 Ford 2000 Ferguson TE Z120 David Brown 850, 900
DB 30 Ford 3000 Ferguson 35 4cyl David Brown 950, 990
Fordson Ford 4000 Ferguson 35 TVO MF 65
Fordson N Ford 5000 MF MF 165, 175, 185
Fordson E27N International MF 35 4cyl MF 200 series
Fordson Dexta Farmall Cub MF 35 3 cyl MF 500 series
Fordson New Major Farmall A MF 35x 3cyl MF 600 series
  Farmall H & W4 MF 135 MF 2000 series
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massey harris companies

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Massey-Harris Tractors.

The Massey-Harris Company was formed in 1891 when The Massey Manufacturing Co. and A. Harris & Son merged.  The Massey-Harris Company became involved with tractors in 1917 when they introduced U.S. made Bull tractors branded as Massey-Harris to Canadian farmers.  When the Bull Tractor Co. failed in 1919 Massey-Harris sold tractors based on Chicago made Parrett designs.  The next U.S. built tractor marketed under the Massey-Harris brand name was the Wallis 20-30 made by J. I. Case Plow Co. of Racine, Wisconsin.  In 1928 Massey-Harris purchased the Racine factory and sold the J. I. Case Plow Co. name to the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co in the same year.

Between the two World Wars Massey-Harris opened factories in France and Germany, in 1930 they acquired a major interest in H. V. McKay Co. of Sunshine near Melbourne Australia.  In 1946 Massey-Harris began producing mowers and hay machinery at Trafford Park, Manchester U.K.  Canadian built 44 and 55 tractors were sold by the U.K. branch of the company until the 744 PD went into limited production at Manchester in 1948.

The Massey-Harris and the Ferguson organisations merged in 1953, initially both makes continued to be marketed under their original brand names.  Shortly after the introduction of the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor in 1957 the Massy-Harris brand name was phased out, the last tractor to carry the Massey-Harris name in the United Kingdom was the 745S last produced in 1958.

Massey-Harris Model 101 Junior Tractor 1941
Massey-Harris Model 744 PD Tractor 1948
Massey-Harris Model 101 Junior Tractor 1943
Massey-Harris Model 744 PD Tractor 1949

Click the image to visit the Tractor and Machinery Web Site


The Massey Harris Co

The Massey-Harris Company
of Toronto, Ontario, was formed in 1891 by the merger of the Massey Manufacturing Company of Toronto and A. Harris, Son & Company of Brantford, Ontario. The new firm wisely left the infant tractor business to others and did not become seriously involved until World War I, and then only with other firms’ designs�first the Bull tractor, and then the Parrott from the Parrett Tractor Cornpany of Chicago, Illinois. In 1928, Massey bought the J. I. Case Plow Works of Racine, Wisconsin, acquiring the Wallis tractor in the process. Jerome Increase Case founded both the Case Plow Works and the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company, which made Case tractors, but the two firms had no other corporate link until they were united in 1929 minus the Wallis interests. The advanced Wallis tractors had been sold by M-H since 1927, and now became the basis for a new range, which also came to include a trend-setting 15/22 General Purpose tractor
Massey Harris tractors // //
Massey tractor
 Massey Ferguson Tractors
Massey-Harris No. 1 – MH1
In 1915, Massey began importing the Little Bull Tractor. The Bull Tractor Company of Minneapolis was one of the first to produce a tractor aimed at the small-acreage farmer. by 1917 .Just as Massey’s tractor contract began, trouble surfaced, Bull lost its manufacturer. Since Bull had no factory of its own, Massey was without a tractor.

1928 Wallis Tractor
The unit-frame Wallis joined the Massey-Harris lineup in 1928.

 Massey Ferguson Tractor  
 Massey Ferguson
Massey-Harris No. 2 – MH2 TOP
Massey Harris learn from it’s experience, choosing this time to manufacture tractors for itself, under license. Dent Parrett designed a tractor that he introduced in 1913. Prototypes, powered by Buda engines, were well received. It was his 12-25 that Massey produced in Canada. Massey-Harris modified Parrett’s next tractor. But Henry Ford’s Fordson was available in Canada and it was advanced over even Massey’s new MH-3; price wars with International Harvester in 1922 soon put Parrett out of business in the United States.
The Wallis Tractor Company

The Wallis Tractor Company of Racine, Wi, pioneered unit construction in tractors. Wallis patented their one-piece curved boilerplate frame for the Wallis Cub in 1913.The advantages of a one-piece frame, as Henry Ford also realized, was in material savings and in the permanent alignment of all shafts and bearings in the engine and transmission. The Wallis tractor was popular in the 1920s and became the basis for the subsequent Massey-Harris tractor after Canada’s Massey-Harris bought out Wallis in 1928.

 Massey Ferguson

National Tractor Demonstrations
1914 Wallis Cub Tractor Brochure
Traveling by rail through the country this vintage tractor ad boosts of the Wallis Cub’s accomplishments some examples
Cedar Rapids: The “Cub” shatters all it’s previous records by breaking one and one half acres in the phenomenal time of 33 minutes
Dallas: Finished first on opening day no sign of heat with the field thermometer registering over 125 degrees on the field.
Massey Harris Pacer
 Massey Ferguson Pony
In 1953, Massey-Harris took over Irishman Harry Ferguson’s tractor business, which had prospered in England since his falling out with Ford. This led to the end of production of the little M-H Pony
1930’s Massey-Harris Pacemaker
The mid-1930s Massey Harris Pacemaker Tractor was evolved from the first unit-frame Wallis-based Massey Harris tractor.


 Antique Tractor

Beginning with the early settlement of Upper Canada and for most of the 20th century, Massey-Harris, or as was later known, Massey-Ferguson, was one of the largest agricultural implement companies in the world and one of Canada’s largest corporations. Massey products were sold all over the world and the company was an international leader in developing innovative farm machinery.

Daniel Massey (1798-1856) began manufacturing farm implements at Bond Head but moved to Newcastle in 1849. Alanson Harris (1816-94) established a foundry at Beamsville in 1857, and relocated to Brantford in 1872. First known as the Massey Manufacturing Co. in 1870, the company moved its headquarters to Toronto in 1879 and competed in international markets. In 1891, Massey and A. Harris and Son Co. merged to form Massey-Harris Company Ltd. Others mergers included Bain Wagon Company (1896), Patterson Brothers & Co. (1891), J.O. Wisner, Son and Co. (1891), W.H. Verity & Sons (1892), and Johnston Harvester Company (1910) located in Batavia, New York. The company became Massey-Harris-Ferguson Limited with the Harry Ferguson merger in 1953 that added an important tractor component; this was strengthened with the merger with F. Perkins Ltd. (1959) which specialized in diesel engines. Massey-Harris prospered in the 1960’s and 1970’s with its tractor and combine production lines but declined in a rapidly changing farm equipment market during the 1980’s.

The Massey-Harris-Ferguson Collection exemplifies the history and growth of the industrial corporation in Canada’s past. It is an important resource for researchers in Canadian rural and agricultural history. The collection covers the period 1806-1986 and includes pamphlets, brochures and circulars, photographs, magazines, correspondence, annual reports, marketing material, sales agreements, biographies; as well, it documents the company’s production and history in Canada and overseas including many firms that joined Massey. In addition, there are important literary magazines encouraged by Hart Massey–the Trip Hammer, Massey’s Illustrated and Massey’s Magazine. Currently, materials may be searched in the library catalogue, Primo, using keywords and the phrase “Massey-Harris-Ferguson Collection

Listed below are some of the Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson tractor parts, manuals and interactive features available on our site. Click on any of the Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson links below to explore our extensive resources.

Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts
Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson Tractor Manuals
Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson Discussion Forum
Classified Ads for Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson Tractors
Photo Ads for Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson Tractors
Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson Engine Kits

About Massey Harris & Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey-Harris: After purchasing the J.I. Case Plow Works in 1928, well known for their production of the Wallis tractor, they were thrust into the tractor business. They introduced the 12-20 model traactor in 1929. This tractor was the basis for the “Pacemaker” which was first produced in 1936. The “Challenger” was their first row-crop tractor. Both models were available on steel or with rubber tires.

Massey-Harris continued to produce a popular line of tractors in several different models. Massey-Harris merged with Harry Ferguson in 1953 to form the “Massey-Ferguson” company.

Massey Ferguson: In 1953 Massey-Harris and Harry Ferguson merged to form Massey-Harris-Ferguson Limited. Later this was changed to “Massey-Ferguson”. In 1958 the company acquired F. Perkins Ltd of England who was the leading diesel engine producer at that time. This gave the MF company a ready source for diesel engines.The MF-35 was first built in 1960 and was available in a gas or diesel version. Follow-on tractors were the MF-50, MF65 and MF-85. Massey-Ferguson went on to make many models of popular tractors and continues today. The Massey-Harris company was formed in 1891. It was the combination of Massey Manufacturing Company of Toronto and A. Harris Son & Company Ltd., both of Ontario, Canada. Both of these companies had on their own been industry leaders in the production of implements.

Massey-Harris (Ferguson)
Excert from Wiki   


    The firm was founded in 1847 in Newcastle, Ontario by Daniel Massey as the Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory. The company began making some of the world’s first mechanical threshers, first by assembling parts from the United States and eventually designing and building their own equipment. The firm was taken over and expanded by Daniel’s eldest son Hart Almerrin Massey who renamed it the Massey Manufacturing Co. and in 1879 moved the company to Toronto where it soon became one of the city’s leading employers. The massive collections of factories on King St. West became one of the best known features of the city. Massey expanded the company and began to sell its products internationally. Through extensive advertising campaigns he made it one of the most well known brands in Canada. The firm owed much of its success to Canadian tariffs that prevented the larger USA firms from competing in Canada.[citation needed] A labor shortage throughout the country also helped to make the firm’s mechanized equipment very attractive.

    In 1891, Massey merged with the A. Harris, Son & Co. Ltd. to become Massey-Harris Co. and became the largest agricultural equipment maker in the British Empire. In 1910, the company acquired the Johnson Harvester Company located in Batavia New York, making it one of Canada’s first multinational firms. In the 1930s, it introduced the first self-propelled combine harvester. Massey Harris also produced one of the world’s first four-wheel drive tractors. Hart Massey’s sons, Charles, Chester, Walter, and Fred became closely involved in the business and eventually took over its operations. They were, however, the last generation of Masseys to run the company. Other members of the family went on to do other accomplishments: Vincent Massey became Governor General of Canada and Raymond Massey became a noted actor in USA films. The Massey family used their fortune to improve the city of Toronto, and many institutions, such as the University of Guelph, University of Toronto, Upper Canada College, Crescent School, Appleby College, Massey Hall and Metropolitan United Church, were partially financed by the Masseys.

    In 1953, the company merged with the Ferguson Company to become Massey-Harris-Ferguson, before finally taking on its current name in 1958. But the company soon began to decline financially. Facing increasing international competition and an agricultural sector diminishing in importance, the firm began to struggle.

    In 1955, Massey purchased the Australian company Sunshine. Founded in 1915 by Hugh Victor McKay, they had tie-ups with Massey Harris for several years before MF outright bought them. The Sunshine name faded into history.[1]

    In 1959, Massey bought 100% of Landini, based in Italy. Landini has built many models for Massey over the years, especially vineyard and crawler models. Massey sold 66% to ARGO SpA in 1989, some to Iseki later on, and the final portion was sold to AGCO in 2000. ARGO and AGCO still provide models to one another.[2]

    In 1959 Perkins Engines of Peterborough, England, was purchased. Perkins having been the main diesel engine supplier for Massey Ferguson for many years. In 1990 taking over Dorman Diesels of Stafford to form Perkins Engines (Stafford) Ltd. Followed by Perkins in the 1980s also taking over Rolls Royce (Diesels) Ltd, to form Perkins engines (Shrewsbury) Ltd. Perkins was sold off in 1998 by then owner Lucas Verity to Caterpillar Inc. who were a major customer for their smaller & medium power engines, Caterpillar being a major producer of large diesel engines for static and mobile application.[3]

    In 1966, Massey purchased 32% of the Spanish tractor and auto company Ebro, or Motor Iberica. Ebro had previously built Ford tractors under license, but now began building models for Massey, and Massey models under license. Massey sold its interest to Nissan in the 1980s.[4]

    Starting in 1969, Massey Ferguson started producing a line of snowmobiles by the name Ski Whiz. The snowmobile line sold until 1977, when sales declined.

    In the 1970s, Massey Ferguson came under the control of Conrad Black. During the late 1970s, production was relocated to a new large facility in Brantford, Ontario. In 1978 Massey Ferguson was the first to introduce an electronic control system for the three-point hitch on a tractor.[citation needed]

    In 1973, Massey purchased the German company Eicher, and many Massey-licensed Eichers were built. They later sold their interest, and Dromson now owns the company. They now build specialized tractors for vineyards and such.

YESTERDAY’s TRACTORS has been a leading tractor parts supplier on the internet since 1995. Join thousands of happy customers who have purchased parts and more for their antique tractor from us!We carry tractor parts and manuals for: Allis Chalmers, Case, Farmall, Ferguson, Ford, Fordson, International, International Harvester, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Massey Harris, Oliver, and more. We can supply 3 Point Hitch parts, Alternators, Battery Accessories, Bearings, Belt-fan, Generator & Alternator, Brake Parts, Carburetor Repair Kits, Coils, Decals, Fenders, Generators, Hydraulic Cylinders, Ignition Kits, Manifolds, Mufflers, Paint, PTO Clutches, Radiators, Seals & Gaskets, Starter Drives, Starters, Tie Rod Ends, Tractor Gas Tanks, Tractor Seats, Water Pump Repair Kits, Water Pumps, Wheel Bearing Kits and much more



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Another tractor site

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Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. are one of the largest AGCO dealers in the UK, representing MF, Fendt, Challenger and Caterpillar along with a full range of complementary machinery from leading manufacturers.

**Job Opportunity for Agricultural Technician at our Spilsby Depot**
**Job Opportunity for Agricultural Area Sales Manager at Horncastle**


-Request the NEW Massey Ferguson –
……-Delta Hybrid Combine Brochure-…
Massey Ferguson Delta Hybrid Combine OUT NOW
See Fendt tractors in action on

Download the NEW Challenger Rogator RG600 Brochure


Chandlers also specialise in the sale of used MF, Fendt and Challenger tractors and machinery and always carry a large stock of used equipment for retail, trade or export sale throughout the UK and Europe :

…. Agricultural Used Stock List & Photos

…. SEARCH Our Agricultural Used Stock

Are you concerned about the security of your tractors and telehandler ? If so, you might be interested in either a CESAR DATATAG, or a Thatcham approved imobiliser/tracking device to keep it safe. Insurance industry backed security solutions, for discounts with leading insurers including NFU, Zurich, Aviva, Allianz and others.
Download the MF, Fendt or Challenger clothing brochures for 2010-11
Summer Toys & Clothing Specials
Chandlers Hire operates a large fleet of high quality new and used Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Challenger tractors, and AS Marston trailers for local short term and seasonal hire. For top quality service at competitive prices, and excellent deals on ex. hire tractors contact your local depot now.

Longer term hire deals are also available with our finance partner, AGCO finance on a wide range of tractors, combines, and other machinery.

Chandlers Cars operate from two depots in Lincolnshire, at Grantham and Horncastle, distributing new and used cars, pickups, 4×4 and commercial vehicles from Mitsubishi & Ssangyong. Chandlers Cars service and parts centres specialise in Mitsubishi, Ssangyong, Subaru and Isuzu 4×4 vehicles.

Find out more about : Mitsubishi Intelligent Motion

Chandlers Cars have one of the largest stocks in the UK of used pickups, and always carry a large stock of quality used of 4 x 4’s and cars of all makes :

…….Used Vehicle Stock List & Photos


Become a fan of Chandlers on facebook, for all the photos, events and special offers

Chandlers News & Events Homepages

17/01/2011 : Book your out of season Potato handling equipment servicing with Chandlers potato equipment specialist. Chandlers Group potato equipment specialist Nick Bullock is available for all your potato handling equipment servicing requirements….don’t get caught out with repairs and downtime in season that could be prevented by servicing now… out of season rate on any preparation work required. Download brochure here….

Watch the MF8690 on the Farming Sunday program on Sky.

24/11/10 : Congratulations to Chandlers Holbeach Service Technician Kevin Dobney as finalist in the AGCO Massey Ferguson Technician of the Year 2010. Kevin recently attended the award ceremony with Chandlers Group Service Manager, Nigel Bean, where he was eventually placed joint runner up in a very closely fought competition…click here for the full story.

6/11/10 : Win a Massey Ferguson combine for use during the 2011 season with the Massey Ferguson ‘Pure Gold’ Fill in the online form to enter the competition run by Massey Ferguson and the Farmers Weekly to win use of a Massey Ferguson combine for the 2011 season (terms and conditions apply)…..

29/10/10 : Local Chandlers customer Andrew Rees of Gaulby Lodge Farm, Leicester wins the prestigious Farmers Weekly Young Farmer of the Year Award. At a glittering award ceremony held recently in London, Andrew Rees, who farms 150ha of grassland and arable at Kings Norton, Leicester using Massey Ferguson tractors, won the prestigious Farmers Weekly Young Farmer of the Year award. Well done from all at Chandlers.

25/10/10 : Chandlers Shows & Events team wins Best Trade Stand at the British National Ploughing Championships. Following a thankfully dry plouging match, Chandlers were pleased to be awarded Best Trade Stand. Visit us at a show in 2011 for a warm welcome for all the family.

20/10/10 : Great 0% finance schemes on Kuhn Finance for the autumn period. Find out here all about the out of season Kuhn finance 0% schemes.

28/9/10 : New Edition of News @ MF out now. Get all the latest news from the world of Massey Ferguson in the latest Summer 2010 edition of the News @ MF magazine. Read it online here now.
Summer 2010 Edition
7/9/10 : Chandlers launch their BRAND NEW retail website for the supply of New Massey Ferguson Parts worldwide. With the launch of you are able to select the part you require from exploded line drawings, and in the future by part number search.

2/7/10 : Chandlers Spilsby Depot apprentice Andrew Smith wins the coveted MF technician apprentice of the year award. Chandlers are proud to congratulate Andrew Smith on his excellent achievement of becoming MF apprentice technician of the year 2010. A 5 star performance……

14/5/10 : site launched. Chandlers brand new website exclusively for the retail of second hand massey ferguson tractors is launched on the 75th anniversary of Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd….established 1935….click here for the full story

1/1/2010 : Chandlers appointed Mitsubishi agents for Lincolnshire from Belton and Horncastle depots….click here for the full story

20/11/2009 : John Harvey, Challenger Service Technician at Chandlers Belton depot, wins the prestigious “AGCO Challenger UK Service Technician of the Year Award 2009”… here for the full story

Chandlers Horticultural and Groundscare division serve the professional and amenity market for new and used Kubota compact and sub-compact tractors, Honda lawnmowers and power equipment, Yamaha ATV Quad bikes & Kubota RTV diesel Utility vehicles.


. .





Chandlers Country Stores can be found across Lincolnshire at Grantham, Horncastle, Spilsby & Stamford each stocking an extensive range of animal feeds, equestrian goods, country clothing, children toys, gates, fencing and much much more. Visit one of our stores for a friendly and helpful welcome, or you can also buy online at

Click here for horse rugs and for equine sports clothing

Country Stores Opening Times
Massey Ferguson 10+ Parts & Manager Warranty

Toys & Clothing Special Offers

Visit the Brand New Massey Parts website – buy your parts online for rapid despatch at

MF Fendt Challenger Caterpillar Kuhn Lely Welger Lemken AS Marston McConnel Standen He-Va Berthoud Chafer
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Main Road, Belton,
Grantham, Lincs.
NG32 2LX Address:

Boston Road,
Horncastle, Lincs.
LN9 6JN Address:

Boston Road,
Spilsby, Lincs.
PE23 5HQ Address:

Boston Road, Holbeach,
Spalding, Lincs.
PE12 7NJ Address:

Station Road, Barnack,
Stamford, Lincs.
Agriculture | Vehicles | News & Events | Horticulture | Country Stores | | Job Opportunities | Sitemap

Please note that calls may be recorded for training purposes

We hope that you like the new Chandlers Homepage – if you have any comments or things you would like to see on our homepage please fill in the homepage comments form
Click here for site map Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. © 2011 Privacy policy

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. a limited company, registered in England (registered no.532849) with its registered office at Belton, Grantham, Lincs. NG32 2LX. England.
 Click here to go back to the top of the Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd home page

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great massey ferguson blog

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Here in Lincolnshire we have had quite a bit of snow and although not as much as some areas of the country it has put us all in the mood for Christmas.  Our shops are all geared up to supply not only rock salt and shovels but also a wide range of Christmas presents including Ride-on toy tractors, Massey Ferguson models and a wide range of MF merchandise.

10% Off Massey Ferguson clothing, toys and merchandise

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Massey Ferguson Winter ServicingPosted on November 23, 2010 by admin

Our workshops are now moving away from this summers harvest support and into servicing the Massey Ferguson tractors and combines after what has hopefully been a successful harvest for you all.   

MF 6490 tractor being serviced at Chandlers Here we have George and Steve working on an MF 6490
Massey Ferguson 2430 winter servicing Here we have Trevor working on an MF 2430

Most of the jobs currently on the go are requiring filters to be replaced to ensure the ongoing performance of the Massey machines. 

For those of you tackling the winter servicing of your machines on the farm, we are offering an online discount throughout November of 30% off all genuine Massey Ferguson filters.

View and purchase Genuine Massey Ferguson filters at extremely competitive prices

Unsure of your Massey Ferguson tractor or filter requirements see our recent article for Massey Ferguson Filter part numbers.

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Topcon Guidance SystemsPosted on July 21, 2010 by admin

An article has just been added to containing information about a couple of the Topcon Guidance Systems, click here to read it.

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tractpr parts

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Used Massey Ferguson updated 5/02/2009

MF 590 2wd

used mf 590 tractor used massey ferguson 590 farming tractor uk




MF 290 tractor

used mf 290 tractor used massey ferguson 290 farming tractor uk usado de la granja ÊÓÊÎÏã ÌÑÇÑÇÊ ÇáÒÑÇÚíÉ




Massey Ferguson 690 – 698 2wd & 4wd

used mf 690 698 699 tractor used massey ferguson 690 698 699 farming tractor uk




Massey Ferguson Spare Parts

new Massey Ferguson spare parts, used mf spare parts, vintage mf spare parts, massey spare parts, ferguson spare parts mf tractor parts massey ferguson spares mf spares




MF 575

used 575 2wd tractor used massey ferguson 575 mf 575 4×2 tractor used tractor, tracteur utilis¨¦, benutzter Traktor, trattore utilizzato, §Ú§ã§á§à§Ý§î§Ù§å§Ö§ä§ã§ñ §ä§â§Ñ




MF 6270 4wd Tractor

used massey ferguson 6270 tractor used mf 6270 4wd mf 6270 powercontrol 4×4 used tractor, tracteur utilis, benutzter Traktor, trattore utilizzato, massey ferguson Traktoriai massey fergsuon ireland mf UK




MF 185 tractor

used mf 185 tractor uk massey ferguson 185




MF 290 Duncan Cab Reconditioned

used massey ferguson 290 tractor used mf 290 2wd mf 290 4×2 used tractor, tracteur utilis, benutzter Traktor, trattore utilizzato, massey ferguson Traktoriai massey fergsuon ireland mf UK




.MF 240 2wd

used mf 240 tractor massey ferguson 240 tractor with back actor




MF 6480 4wd

used mf 6480 used massey ferguson 6480 tractor second hand mf 6480




MF 390T 4×4

used mf 390T 4×4 second hand massey fergsuon 390t 4wd tracteur utilis, benutzter Traktor, trattore utilizzato, massey ferguson Traktoriai 90HP tractor massey fergsuon ireland mf UK




MF 8130 4×4 tractor

used mf 8130 4wd tractor, second hand massey ferguson 8130 4×4 tractor tracteur utilis, benutzter Traktor, trattore utilizzato, massey ferguson Traktoriai massey fergsuon ireland mf UK




MF 8480 4wd

used MF 8480 tractor second hand massey ferguson 8480 vario cvt dynavt tractor tracteur utilis, benutzter Traktor, trattore utilizzato, massey ferguson Traktoriai massey fergsuon ireland mf UK




MF 6290

used mf 6290 second hand massey ferguson 6290 tracteur utilis, benutzter Traktor, trattore utilizzato, massey ferguson Traktoriai 135HP tractor massey fergsuon ireland mf UK




UTV Utility quad

2 seater utility quad utility vehicle 4×4 quad alternative




MF 6465 D4

used mf 6465 tractor second hand massey ferguson 6465 front loader




MF 390 2wd

used mf 390 2wd second hand massey ferguson 390 4×2 tractor




MF 6480 4wd Tier III

used mf 6480 second hand massey ferguson 6480 tier3 tier III




MF 6455 4×4

used mf 6455 second hand massey ferguson 6455




MF 362 2wd

used mf 362 2 wheel drive tractor second hand massey 362




Used Massey Ferguson updated 5/02/2009
Vicon Massey Ferguson Fendt
© 2007 William Bell Tractors Limited  

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massey ferguson

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ride on tractors

October 1, 2010 Leave a comment

For many people, a mower that one stands behind to steer or push is sufficient. Most of our lawns just aren’t that big. However, for people who have a larger amount of yard to mow, a riding lawn mower can be the answer. The general rule is that if you have at least half an acre to mow, a riding mower is a good way to get this done. Riding lawn mowers are also sometimes called lawn tractors.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a lawn tractor. First, you should assess your situation and determine whether you can afford a riding lawn mower. Then you need to determine whether or not you have enough storage space for a lawn tractor. You will not want to leave it outside, where the elements can ruin it. A small shed is often a good place to store a riding lawn mower.

After you have decided to buy the mower, it is off to the store to compare models. You can expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $3,000 for your riding lawn mower. There are many different models to choose from, and the features offered will help determine the price. For instance, if you want a lawn tractor with a hydrostatic drive (these are often easier to operate and smoother than other riding mowers), you can expect to add $200 to $500 to the price. It is important for you to decide what your needs are before you go into the store.

You should know what sort of obstacles are in your yard. Figure out how much space you have between rocks, trees, and other elements of your landscape. The deck of the mower is the size of the blade. You have a larger cutting swath when you have a bigger blade. Try to find a deck that is between 38 and 42 inches wide. Be careful, though! If you get a mower with too wide of a deck, you will have to go back and mow between all of those obstacles with a regular lawn mower.

Knowing what sort of mowing you normally do will also help. Many mowers come with the ability to switch between modes. You should know how difficult it is to switch between mulching, bagging, or sending the clippings out the side. If you plan to do a little of all three, a lawn tractor that switches easily between modes is a good idea. Also find out how convenient it is to adjust the cutting height of the blade.

Other bits of information you should get on the riding lawn mowers you are considering include engine placement (the more powerful are in the front, but this cuts down visibility), speed controls, foot controls, gear levers, and clutch-brake combos. You should also find out whether or not the lawn tractor is easy to brake and steer, and how wide of a turning radius it has. See if you can sit in the tractor to determine how comfortable it is

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